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As a full-service Microsoft service provider, you need to look no further for any of your technology needs.  We handle projects from conception to implementation.  We are there until it works the way you want it to work, and we are there afterwards when you need to expand or make changes.  Many of our clients have been with us over 20 years because of our commitment to them and their business -- we are there when they need us.



We work with local and national computer distributors to provide mainstream products that meet your specific needs.  We customize as needed and stand behind every product we sell.


Our 24x7 monitoring plan lets us know about system problems before you do.  And we can often fix them remotely, in your off hours, so you are not down during the work day.


Protect your network from intrusion with a firewall appliance and your workstations with a proven Internet Security Suite.  You can limit access to machines, encrypt email and documents, and much more for safety.


With off-site backup, your data is protected from theft, fire, viruses, lightening and other potential office situations.  We use reputable services that provide encryption, meet HIPAA requirements, and more.


Cloud services like Microsoft Office365 lets your email and MS office files follow you wherever you go.  Make a change at your office and see it on your phone and laptop.  Simplify your digital life.


Have a problem?  Let us know and we can remote in while you are there or after hours to fix it for you.  You can also remote to your desktop from any location and work just like you are sitting in the office.

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